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Thermal Imaging Scope Pulsar Quantum HS19/LS19


It has long viewing range, quality germanium lens with internal focusing, microbolometer sensor ULIS (France), wide range of operating temperature (-20+50C), high-contrast frostproof OLED-display (640x480). and high-aperture lens.


Pulsar Quantum HS19/LS19 are designed for detection and observation in day light and in the night time, even in when other optical devices (such as binoculars, night vision devices and spotting scopes) are inefficient (inclement weather conditions, smoke, fog, obstacles like grass or bushes).

The Quantum HS19/LS19 features the unique combination of high resolution microbolometer (160120) sensor, germanium lens F38/0.8 and frostproof OLED display (640x480). The Quantum HS19/ LS19 has 2.5x optical magnification. The imaging principle is based on the difference of temperatures of the objects under observation. The image is transferred to a high-contrast OLED display in two modes: White hot or Black hot.

Main control elements (on/off, sensor calibration, image inversion) are located on the top of the device. Large sized control buttons allow bare hands operation and operation in gloves.
Activation and operation of the device (running time set-up, choice of video output signal, brightness and contrast adjustment) can be performed with the help of the encoder wheel. The Quantum series are equipped with a jack allowing external power supplies to be attached. The thermal imagers also have a video output to conduct video recording to external devices during observation.

The Quantum features quick start-up time less than 10 seconds time between the push of the ON button and readiness to begin operation. The image is stable, without distortion across the whole field of view and without tunnel effect. Quantum thermal imagers can be used within a wide temperature range from -20 to +50 .

Quantums lightweight carbon-filled body features lengthwise serrated rubber armoring providing secure grip of the unit in a hand. The thermal imager is equipped with a Weaver-rail Mil-Std 1913 enabling extra accessories (external power supply, video recording devices) to be attached. The Quantum HS19/LS19 is extremely compact and lightweight, which provides comfortable observation.

Optical characteristics:  
Detector type UL 02 15 2 Uncooled microbolometer
Refresh rate 30 Hz | 9 Hz
Magnification, x 2.5 | 2.5
Resolution, pixels 160x120 | 160x120
Close-up range, m 2 | 2
Exit pupil, mm 8 | 8
Spectral range, m 8.3-13.6 | 8.3-13.6
Field of view, degree  
- horizontal 12 | 12
- vertical 9 | 9
Diopter adjustment, D +5/-5 | +5/-5
Max. detection range, m/ yd* 450 / 490 | 450 / 490
Operational characteristics  
Start-up time (approx.), sec 10 | 10
Power supply 4÷6 V | 4÷6 V
Battery type 4x | 4x
External power supply 8,4-15 V | 8,4-15 V
Operating time on battery pack EPS3 / EPS5) 9/20 | 9/20
Operating time on a battery set, approx. At least two hours
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529) IP4 | IP4
Video output PAL/NTSC | PAL/NTSC
Operating temperature from -20 to +50 , humidity up to 90%
mm 177x86x58 | 177x86x58
inch 7x3.4x2.3
Weight (without/with batteries), g // oz 400/490// 14.1/17.3
*-Max. detection range of an object measuring 1.7x0.5 m  
PRODUCT NAME LEGEND: Example: Quantum HD 38
First letter:  
H refresh rate 30 Hz; L refresh rate 9 Hz.
Second letter:  
D detector size 384x288; S detector size 160x120.
Figure 38 or 19 stands for lens focal length - 38 mm or 19 mm  

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