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Night Vision Rifle Scope Yukon Phantom 4x60 Gen 2+

Night Vision Rifle Scope Pulsar Phantom 4x60 Gen 2+ takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. Utilising a military-style design and offering maximum functionality, Phantom 4x60 is an obvious choice for anyone who demands highest quality and impeccable reliability. 


  Top picks of our products

Digisight LRF N870 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Digisight LRF N870 riflescope is designed for observation and shooting in twilight or night time. It is equipped with a built-in multifunctional rangefinder with a working measuring range of 400 metres.


Digisight LRF N850 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Digisight LRF N850 riflescope is designed for observation and shooting in twilight or nighttime. It is equipped with a built-in multifunctional rangefinder with a working measuring range of 400 metres.


Binoculars Yukon Point 8x56

Optimal magnification combined with 56-mm objective lens and wide field of view make binoculars Point perfectly suited for a wide range of applications like hunting, fishing, observation, security and safeguard, tourism, search and rescue operations, equipment service.


Rifle Scope POSP 4-12x42

POSP 4-12x42 is designed for aimed shooting from hunting rifles as well as for observing objects of nature.


Night Vision Scope Challenger 2x42 G2+

The Challenger 2x42 G2+is outfitted with a new five-lens eyepiece that minimizes distortion across the edges of the field of view and increases image sharpness and contrast.


Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope Digisight N770

Pulsar Digisight N770 is designed for observation and shooting in twilight or nighttime. In complete darkness use of the built-in IR (or laser) Illuminator is highly recommended. It is designed for hunting, sport shooting, night video recording and observation.


Thermal Imaging Scope Pulsar Quantum HS19/LS19

It has long viewing range, quality germanium lens with internal focusing, microbolometer sensor ULIS (France), wide range of operating temperature (-20…+50°C), high-contrast frostproof OLED-display (640x480). and high-aperture lens.


Night Vision Goggles Pulsar Edge 1x21 Gen 2+

It is lightweight and compact. It has Gen 2+ tube inside, multi-coated lenses, high resolution through the field of view, built-in automatic bright source protection and reinforced fiberglass body.


Night Vision Rifle Scope Pulsar Phantom 6x75 Gen 2+

It has 6x magnification, fine image quality and resolution, user choice of reticle shapes. It is shockproof with the use of heavy recoil ammunition (.375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .50 cal.)


IR Flashlight Pulsar 805

It is a high-powered IR illuminator offering a variable beam from spot to flood. The IR power of the flashlight can be smoothly adjusted.


Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope Digisight N750

It has highly sensitive CCD array, OLED display (640x480 pixels), built-in illuminator (laser or IR) with power adjustment, large eye relief (67 ìì), fast lens 50 mm, F/ 1.0 and switchable Sum Light ™ Signal Processing Program.


Field Binoculars Pulsar Expert LRF 8x40

Progressive optical system based on the 2nd type Porro prisms has durable fibreglass body, built-in laser rangefinder (5 … 1000 m), contrast OLED display and exterior flat protective lenses.


Field Binoculars Pulsar Expert VM 8x40 Marine

Progressive nitrogen purged optical system based on the 2nd type Porro prisms has three viewing modes, exterior flat protective lenses, ergonomic eyecups, adjustable eyepieces and exclusive Eclipse-M lens caps.


Night Vision Binoculars Yukon NVB Tracker RX 3.5x40

NVB Tracker RX 3.5x40 comes with removable, individual, collimated 40 mm doubler lens that provides 3.5x magnification and increases range of detection without any loss of the image quality.


Night Vision Binoculars Yukon NVB Tracker 3x42

The Tracker 3x42 night vision binoculars were designed on the basis of the 2x24 LT model, but they have greater magnification and light gathering capacity.


Rifle Scope PILAD 4x32

PILAD 4x32 is the most popular Russian rifle scope.Choice of many gun factories.


Rifle Scope POSP 4-8x42 with laser sight

It is designed for aim shooting from hunting rifle, allows it to calculate the distance to the target and observe natural objects. The illumination of the reticle allows to aim at twilight.


Rifle Scope POSP 6x42 BDC

POSP 6x42 BDC uses a rail (base) placed on the left side of the receiver for effortless mounting and dismounting of the scope without a loss.


Rifle Scope POSP 4x24 M

Waterproof Optical Sight with reticle illumination and 1000 m scale for range finding. POSP 4x24 M has a built-in 1000 m dual rangefinder for target 1,7 m. It is convenient to hunt on a wild boar.


Night Vision Binoculars Edge GS 2.7x50

It is lightweight, compact and has R-contact optical system; multi-coated lenses; high resolution through the field of view; built-In automatic bright source protection; reinforced fiberglass body; built-In IR illuminator with variable power.


Night Vision Scope Challenger GS 3.5x50

It has an extremely durable compact and lightweight body; water and dust resistant (IP46). It has built-in IR illuminator; built-in tripod socket and single switch button operation.


Night Vision Scope Challenger GS 2.7x50

It is lightweight and has an extremely durable compact body; water and dust resistant (IP46). It has a built-in IR illuminator; flexible carrying case and built-in tripod socket.


Digital Night Vision Scope Recon 550

It has a fine image quality, sensitive CCD array, 4-power magnification, high-speed (high-aperture) lens (F/d=1.0), excellent resolution, video input and output. It is resistant to bright light exposure and has a contrast gain function.


Night Vision Scope Pulsar Challenger 1x21 G2+

It has a lightweight and extremely durable compact body; built-in IR illuminator; flexible carrying case; built-in tripod socket and single switch button operation. It is water and dust resistant (IP46).


Night Vision Rifle Scope Yukon Sentinel 4x60 Gen 2+

It has a lightweight and extremely durable titanium body, two-color range finding reticle, rwo-color mil-dot reticle, variable reticle brightness adjustment, built-in IR illuminator with focusable beam, precision internal windage/elevation adjustment and other features.


MC Zenitar-M2s 2/50 Lens

MC Zenitar-M2s 2/50 Lens is a compact, normal-focus, interchangeable, with a high resolution and automatic drive mechanism diaphragm lens.


Night Vision Goggles Edge 1x20 GS

Edge GS 1X20 is lightweight and compact, has multi-coated lenses, built-in automatic bright source protection, built-in IR illuminator with variable power and reinforced fiberglass body.


Collimating Red Dot Scope PK-A AK-Saiga Mount

Waterproof collimating PK-A sight is manufactured for AK, Saiga, Vepr and similar mounts.The sight has a sharp laying mark with 8 gradations of brightness.


Night Vision Rifle Scope Yukon Sentinel 3x60

YUKON Sentinel 3x60 Night Vision Riflescope Gen 1 features 3x magnification and high light gathering capacity.


Night Vision Rifle Scope Yukon Phantom 3x50 Gen 2+

Phantom 3x50 Gen. 2+ takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. It has a strict design and highly functional. It is waterproof and can be used in precipitation of any intensity.


Digital Day-Night Long-Range System SM-3NVTV

Digital System SM-3NVTV is Gen 2+ Night Vision Device. It is based on the silicon high sensitive CCD camera with special system of electronic accumulation and multiplication of a signal.


Night Vision Goggles Yukon Viking 1x24

includes a head mount for comfortable viewing and allows your hands to be free to take on another task.


Horizon 10x Measuring Magnifier

The measuring magnifying glass with magnification of 10x. It is provided with a grid having divisions and the scale for the size estimation of the viewed parts of objects and their measurement.


Night Vision Binoculars BNV 2,5x42 Pro

BNV 2,5x42 Pro is a professional quality night vision device designed to observe in full darkness for close distances. It is a passive device, does not require any additional light sources.


Peleng Fisheye 3.5/8 Lens

The new Peleng 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens is an interchangeable, short- focus, super wide-angle, compact lens that provides a stunning circular field of view of 180 degrees and a circular image (not a full-frame image) on the 35mm negative.


MC Zenitar-M 2,8/16 Fisheye Lens

MC Zenitar-M 2,8/16 Lens - super wide-angle, short-focus, compact, interchangeable lens.


Horizon S3 Pro Panoramic Camera

The Horizon S3 Pro panoramic camera intended for taking on a perforated film with a full width of 35mm by professional photographers.


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